A brand-new one-of-a-kind apartment complex, Estrella del Norte is sure to appeal to all types of travelers. The site is airy, but well surrounded to feel safe. Perfect for sports enthusiasts and nature lovers alike, everything has been thought out to maximize your stay in the region. Relaxing in the pool, in a hammock or practicing yoga on the multifunctional platform, you will have several choices of activities on site depending on your mood. An excursion counter will allow you to choose from the team's favorites and make reservations easily. Outdoor shower, bathroom and laundry room, secure storage for our guests' sports equipment, everything is designed for a hassle-free stay.

Bahia Salinas

Bahia Salinas offers pristine beaches and constant winds, making it a paradise for windsurfing and kitesurfing enthusiasts. Nestled on the northwest coast of Costa Rica, it entices visitors with its spectacular sunsets and natural refuge home to rich biodiversity.

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